As part of its accreditation process, DEAC requires its accredited institutions to submit the appropriate application, form or report in accordance with the requirements set forth in the DEAC Accreditation Handbook. Institutions are responsible for monitoring when the appropriate application or form is due to DEAC and are responsible for submitting complete information in a timely and accurate manner. Applicable fees are required at the time of submission.

Submission Guidelines

Increases to DEAC Accreditation Fees Effective April 1, 2023

Application for Accreditation

Guidelines for submitting financial Statements

Guidelines for Completing the SER Template

DEAC Self Evaluation Report (SER) Templates

In addition to completing the SER, institutions must also complete appropriate companion documents - Federal Financial Assistance Programs, if eligible, In-Residence program, if eligible, and Engaging in International Activities, if eligible.

Disclosure FORMS AND Checklists

State Authorization Form

Teach-Out Commitment Form

Educational Offerings Reports

Response to Chair's Report

substantive change REPORT

Non-substantive change application

Application for Appeal of an Adverse Commission Decision

Petition for Waiver of DEAC Standard

Report for Computation of DEAC Dues and Fees

DEAC-CAEL Cooperative Initiative

PhD Pilot Program

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